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Accessibility at Lightroom

Lightroom is for everyone. It is important to us that all of our visitors feel welcome and looked after. If you have any questions or would like to let us know about anything we might have missed, please email

About the Venue

There is level access to the building with lift facilities to all levels. An accessible toilet is available on all 3 levels. By foot, there are 3 flights of stairs down into the show space, and 4 short flights of stairs to exit.

There are baby changing facilities in our gender neutral toilets, located in individual cubicles. Baby changing facilities are also available in the accessible toilets.


Lightroom is fully accessible for wheelchair users, with level entry and lift access to all floors.

You can borrow a wheelchair from us to use during your visit. To arrange for a wheelchair to be available, please email us at before your visit. These are subject to availability and need to be requested in advance. We have Access Hosts at the venue who will be happy to support you with any specific needs you may have.

Calm Space

Lightroom has a Calm Space should you need it during your visit. This facility is for anyone who may need a space to decompress, pray, feed or calm a child. Please ask one of our Front of House Team who can direct you.


About The Show

The Moonwalkers: A Journey with Tom Hanks is approximately 50 minutes long, and runs once an hour. This gives time for you to enter the venue and find where you would like to sit. Please arrive promptly to ensure smooth entry to the showspace – you are welcome to arrive early and enjoy a drink in our cafe bar.

Please note if you are booked in for the final slot of the day, we recommend you arrive on time to ensure you see the entirety of the show.

Projection is used for the duration of the show and is on all 4 walls of the show space, with occasional projection on the floor. There are bright lights and patterns used during some parts of the show. The show contains no flashing images (in the 16-25Hz range).

Sound is constant during the show, and consists of both orchestral music and a recorded voiceover. This show contains infrequent periods of sustained loud noise.

Audio Enhancement

A number of Sennheiser audio enhancement devices are available for use. If you would like one for your visit, please let us know in advance.


Open captions are built in to the show and are visible at all times. The captions are located at the top of the projection, on both the North and South walls. During BSL showings, enhanced captions will also be in place, with captions in more prominent positions around the show space.


British Sign Language (BSL) will be incorporated into the show, with BSL interpreter Ramon Woolfe, as well as enhanced subtitles.

We have BSL showings on the following dates:

Monday 1st April at 5pm & 6pm
Sunday 7th April at 10am & 11am
Wednesday 15th May at 2pm & 3pm
Sunday 2nd June at 3pm & 4pm

Martin Glover will give a pre-show talk at the beginning of each BSL showing. To attend, select the first time slot and arrive 30 minutes beforehand.

Relaxed Showings

These showings are intended for a more relaxed viewing of the show, and attendees should feel comfortable to make noise, leave/enter and move around as they like. No changes will be made to the show itself. The overall capacity of the venue will be reduced.

We have relaxed showings on the following dates:

Saturday 18th May at 10am & 11am
Wednesday 29th May at 3pm & 4pm

Sensory-Adapted Showings

These showings are intended for those who might benefit from the show sound being quieter and the lighting more subtle. Changes will be made to the show and show space to make it more comfortable. The house lights will be turned on. The sound level of the show will be slightly reduced. The overall capacity of the venue will be reduced.

We have Sensory-Adapted showings of The Moonwalkers: A Journey with Tom Hanks scheduled on the following dates:

Friday 8th March 5pm & 6pm
Sunday 14th April 10am
Wednesday 8th May at 1pm & 2pm
Head to the booking page to purchase tickets for these showings.

You can see all of our FAQs here. If you have any other questions relating to accessibility and your visit to Lightroom, please email us at