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The Moonwalkers: A Journey With Tom Hanks

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About the event

Tom Hanks narrates an epic experience that offers a unique new perspective on humankind’s past and future voyages to the moon.

Telling the stories of the Apollo missions in intimate detail, The Moonwalkers also provides an insight into the impending return of crewed surface missions by going behind-the-scenes of the Artemis programme, including interviews between Hanks and Artemis astronauts.

Lightroom’s powerful projection and audio technology will transform the immense space into a vehicle for a spectacular immersive voyage to our closest celestial neighbour.


“A thrill-ride into the wonder of space.”


The Standard

“Will have your spine tingling.”


The Times

“A thrilling escapist educational adventure.”


The Telegraph

“Full of space-age wonder.”



Tom Hanks co-wrote The Moonwalkers with Christopher Riley, the double BAFTA-nominated writer-director whose work includes many of the most groundbreaking films and television programmes about space for the likes of the BBC, Netflix, and PBS.

The show tells the stories of the Apollo missions, reflecting their gripping journeys at spectacular scale. Newly filmed interviews between Hanks and astronauts of the current Artemis programme will grant an insight into the return of crewed surface missions to the moon.

Hanks himself will provide the voiceover, accompanied by a spectacular original score by Anne Nikitin whose previous work includes the Apple TV+ hit series HIJACK starring Idris Elba and the cult heist movie American Animals starring Evan Peters and Barry Keoghan.


Tom Hanks stands in Lightroom with the walls displaying a lunar landscape. In the background, an astronaut walks on the lunar surface next to a lunar rover and some large boulders.
Tom Hanks in Lightroom. Photo - Justin Sutcliffe

Practical Information

Ticket prices 

Adults from £25
Students & Under 18s from £15
Under 3s go free

Younger children need to be supervised in the space and we ask that parents are considerate of the experience for all our guests.


From 6 December 2023 – 13 October 2024


One complete show lasts approximately 50 mins. You are welcome to stay for longer than one show.

Audience Suitability

Suitable for all ages. More accessibility information.

A tiled, collage style image shows a Saturn V rocket taking off across the walls of Lightroom.
Photo - Justin Sutcliffe


How long is the show?

One full show is approximately 52 minutes long and runs once per hour, every hour. You are welcome to stay for longer if you wish, unless you are attending the last show of the day.

How do the time slots work?

We sell tickets for show slots on the hour, every hour. 

We feel that this show is best enjoyed from start to finish, so we recommend that guests arrive on time to see the entirety of the show as intended. Latecomers will be admitted until 10 minutes past the allocated slot. Any later entry is at the discretion of the Duty Manager.

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A large lunar landscape is shown across three walls and the floor of Lightroom. In the midground, an astronaut works on collecting lunar samples.
An Apollo Remastered image, full scale in Lightroom. Photo - Justin Sutcliffe

The Visuals of The Moonwalkers

Original NASA footage and breath-taking images from Andy Saunders’ Apollo Remastered will transform Lightroom’s vast space into an immersive voyage to the lunar surface, brought to life by co-directors Nick Corrigan and Lysander Ashton of 59 Productions.

Over the course of the Apollo program, the twelve astronauts to set foot on the Moon captured thousands of original photographs on medium-format Hasselblad cameras. For half a century, almost every image of the Moon landings publicly available was produced from a lower-quality copy of these originals.

For Apollo Remastered Andy Saunders has, for the first time, digitally remastered images from every mission from the original film. Revealing detail that has been lost for half a century, these images offer astounding new insight and a mesmerising retrospective of humankind’s greatest adventure. In Lightroom’s vast space, these images are seen like never before – at a scale that fully immerses the viewer, transporting them to the lunar surface.


Created by
Tom Hanks & Lightroom

Designed by
59 Productions

Written by
Tom Hanks & Christopher Riley

Directed by
Nick Corrigan & Lysander Ashton

Richard Slaney

Original music composed by
Anne Nikitin

Recorded by
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,
conducted by Tom Kelly

Sound Design
Tom Hackley

Executive Producer
Tom Hanks

Executive Producers
David Sabel
Nick Starr

Collaborating Producer
Andy Saunders

Assistant Producer
Hope Delicata

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