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Lightroom Seoul

Lightroom Seoul is set to open in Godeok, Seoul in the second half of 2023 to serve as the second venue to host David Hockney: Bigger & Closer (not smaller & further away) after London, bringing a new burst of creative energy to the already globally renowned arts and culture scene of the South Korean capital.

Lightroom is partnering with Etnah Company in an exclusive agreement to bring a Lightroom venue to Seoul, opening in 2023 with David Hockney: Bigger & Closer (not smaller & further away). Headed by CEO Hyung-Teh Do, Etnah Company elevates art to another level through digital technology and provides audiences with a setting to enjoy and engage with art.

Following its London debut earlier this year, the show of the British icon’s work is anticipated to expand the horizon of Seoul’s cultural arts and furthermore promote the district of Gangdong to international visitors. Lightroom Seoul’s Godeok location offers stunning views of the Han River and lush greenery, just a 15-minute drive from the city’s well-known Gangnam district. The exhibition hall’s dimensions will closely match those of Lightroom King’s Cross.

Established in February 2023 at King’s Cross, Lightroom is an arts venue like no other – equipped with high quality digital technology and artistry. Lightroom’s revolutionary sound system and projection mapping system offers visitors a vibrant exhibition experience in a sizeable show space, which can accommodate up to 380 people at a time and offers a fully projectable surface of over 1400m2 across four walls and the floor.

About Etnah Company
Etnah Company is co-founded by Hyung-Teh Do, CEO and owner of Gallery Hyundai, renowned for its long history in Korea, and Andrew Ku, CEO and Founder of Altava Group, which is a globally recognized fashion tech company having worked with some of the world’s most recognized luxury brands. Etnah Company’s business portfolio includes digital art production, 3D contents planning and production and art curation venue business. Lightroom Seoul is a part of Etnah’s strand of work focused on physical venues for showing cutting-edge art.

David Hockney: Bigger & Closer (not smaller & further away)

David Hockney: Bigger & Closer (not smaller & further away) launched simultaneously with the opening of Lightroom, and has received praise for its comprehensive immersive art experience showcasing David Hockney’s artistic journey of the past 60 years through paintings, photographs, and audiovisual elements. With six thematic chapters, the exhibition captivates audiences with insights into Hockney’s creative process and intentions, narrated by the artist himself.

Lightroom London – Justin Sutcliffe


Lightroom London – Justin Sutcliffe


Lightroom London – Justin Sutcliffe